Fall Favorites Friday #4 | Pumpkin Spice Latte | Greer Family Photographer

I can hardly believe that Thanksgiving is next week!!  I am SO excited!  Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday for so many reasons, and it hurts me that it seems to get lost amidst the commercialism of Halloween and Christmas.  I love that Thanksgiving is centered around being grateful for what we ALREADY HAVE rather than what we WANT.   I love that it brings family together without all the stress of getting a zillion presents selected, purchased, wrapped and in the car.  Don’t get me wrong I enjoy giving gifts as much as anyone, but sometimes the materialism of our America lives can get overwhelming, and I love just being together and enjoying each other’s company.

And speaking of enjoying… I’m so excited to share the last of this years Fall Favorites Friday Posts- the recipe for my pumpkin spice lattes (made with REAL pumpkin and spices!!)  These beat Starbucks all day long!  I made these bad boys as a Thanksgiving prep energy boost for us ladies last year, and they have become a new tradition!

Hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Greer Family Photography

First, mix your spices.

Pumpkin pie spices mix:

4 tsp cinnamon

2 tsp ginger

1 tsp all spice or cloves

1/4 tsp nutmeg


Latte Ingredients (makes 1 latte):

1 1/4 cup whole milk (you can use 1% or 2% too, but it’s better with the higher fat content)

2 TBS pumpkin

1 tsp pure vanilla extract

1/2-1TBS sugar (optional: I usually leave the sugar out especially if I’m having a pumpkin muffin with it!)

1/2 tsp pumpkin pie spice (above)

1/2 cup espresso or very strong coffee

Fresh Whipped Cream (optional)

In a small sauce pot, mix the milk, pumpkin, sugar, spices and vanilla.  Heat until mixture is steaming and sugar is dissolved.  Pour into a tall mug, add coffee, and whipped cream.  ENJOY!!

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Fall Favorites Friday #3 | Pumpkin Spice Waffles | Spartanburg In-home Family Session Ideas

I have a confession to make…

You already know that I LOVE shooting families spending time together in their kitchen because food has a way of bringing out our fun sides and helping us open up to each other.  One of my dream In-home Family Session ideas is to photograph a family making pancakes or waffles together in their kitchen.   I always capture so many sweet images when I photograph families cooking together because they are so focused on the activity at hand that I fade into the distance and can easily capture authentic moments for their family.  (Dreamy sigh…)

So inspired by my dream, today’s recipe for Fall Favorites Friday is a recipe for Pumpkin Spice Waffles…. mmmm!  These have become a favorite Saturday morning breakfast in our house, and my kiddos ask for it even when it’s the middle of May.


This recipe came about kind of by accident one weekend when a friend’s daughter with egg allergies was staying with us.  I mentioned that I was going to make waffles for breakfast with pumpkin instead of eggs, and she squealed that she was so excited about pumpkin spice waffles.  Truth be told, I hadn’t planned on using spices- just pumpkin as an egg substitute.  But I hated to disappoint her, so I decided to give it my best attempt.

Those egg-less pumpkin spice waffles came out great!  While I eventually adapted the recipe to include an egg, you can easily substitute that egg for another ¼ cup of pumpkin if you need to go eggless.  Hope your family enjoys this recipe as much as mine!


1 egg
2 cups buttermilk
½ cup pumpkin
2 cups flour
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp salt
1 tsp vanilla
4 TBS olive oil (for pancakes use just 2 TBS of oil)
1 TBS sugar
4 tsp cinnamon
2 tsp ground ginger
1 tsp  allspice
½ tsp nutmeg


  1. Set waffle iron to your desired setting. (Our waffle iron has settings from 1-6. We set ours on 4, but all makers have different types of settings.)
  2. Mix sugar and spices in a small bowl and set aside.
  3. In a large bowl mix buttermilk, eggs, pumpkin, vanilla and oil together until blended well.
  4. Add flour, baking soda, baking powder, salt and the sugar/spice mixture and mix well.
  5. Spritz the waffle iron with an oil spray. For our 4 square Belgian waffle maker, I scoop 1 ½ cups of waffle batter onto waffle iron and close the lid. For smaller waffles, you will have to experiment with how much batter it takes per waffle.
  6. Remove when done.
  7. Top with maple syrup. And for a special touch, add whipped cream!


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If you are looking for Fun In-home Family Session ideas like making waffles or pancakes together… hint hint… click HERE for more information about TJBA Family Sessions!

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Give yourself Grace, Mama | Newborn Photographer in Greenville SC

Natural-photos-in-baby's-nurseryHey there, mama.  I see you. It’s 2AM, and as you sit in your gliding rocker holding your screaming 3 week old, silent tears stream down your face.  You wonder what you are doing wrong.  Why does he keep waking up screaming?  You’re his mama, so why can’t you console him? Why are you so bad at this mom thing?

Or perhaps you are sitting dazed amid a mountain of laundry wondering why you can’t just get it together and make some headway on your seemingly endless to-do list.

Or maybe you have retreated to your closet in tears after losing your temper with your 2-year-old.  You promised yourself you would never yell at your kids the way your mom did at you, and here you are AGAIN.

Maybe one of these is your story or maybe yours is very different, but either way I bet you have experienced lots of moments since becoming mommy where you felt like the biggest failure in the world.  Moments that were the exact opposite of the way you imagined motherhood would be when you dreamed about starting a family.  Trust me; we’ve all been there.  I’ve been there myself too many times to count.  As you (and I) fail AGAIN today, mama, let’s keep a few things in mind…

First, give yourself Grace, sweet mama. 


You. Are. Not. Perfect. You’ve never been a perfect daughter, friend, or wife, and you will never be a perfect mama either.  None of us are.

We are all hopelessly flawed, dim reflections of our perfect Creator.  While you may not be a perfect mama, you ARE the perfect mama for YOUR children because you are the mama that God chose for them. You can’t make your sweet baby stop crying in the middle of the night.  You can’t always know what is wrong and how to fix it, but you can hold him and love him through his discomfort.  You can’t keep your home perfectly cleaned and organized while you have small kids, but you can make your home a safe haven for your children, somewhere that they feel loved and valued.  This doesn’t require you to iron every piece of laundry, to sweep and mop incessantly or to slave away for hours in the kitchen making perfectly balanced, organic, non-GMO meals for your family Put the laundry, broom and spatula aside for a few minutes and sit down and read to your kids, rock your baby or play dolls with your little girl.

And when all that you didn’t accomplish is staring you in the face judging you for your lack of productivity, remind yourself of what you did accomplish today- you showed your children that they are worth more to you than a perfect home and you made memories with them that will last long after the food has been eaten, the clothes worn and the kitchen floor stained again.

Second, remember that our imperfections and failures will only make us better mommies if we learn from them.

Fun Family Photographer Sessions Greenville SC

Henry Ford once said, “Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.”  This can be applied to our failures as a mommy too.  Learn from your mistakes.  If you have found that trying to cook a gourmet dinner with a 2-year -old crying and clinging to your legs is going to end in you screaming at your toddler, forgo the big meal plans, and opt for PB&J or cereal tonight instead.  Maybe she won’t be perfectly nourished by bedtime, but she will rest soundly in the assurance that her mama loves her and enjoys being with her.

Or perhaps in your case, nothing that you have tried to comfort your colicky baby has worked. Maybe, just maybe, this struggle is teaching you to persevere through trials, so that later down the road you will be able to apply what you have learned to a more difficult situation.  No failure or struggle is wasted, if we learn from it.

Finally, be OPEN with your children about your own weaknesses and mistakes.

Fun at Home Family photography Sessions Inman SC

We cannot fool our children.  They see our imperfections clearly, and they are as imperfect as we are.  Be humble and open with your children about your weaknesses and your failures.  Use your shortcomings as an opportunity to teach them about life. Teach them how to fail gracefully, apologize when necessary and start again with determination to do better next time.  Despite our failures, our little people want to be like us. Be an example worth following.  This doesn’t mean you need to be perfect but humble and willing to admit when you have wronged them and ask their forgiveness.  They will respect you more for it in the end.

So sweet, mama, as you face the daunting day ahead remember to give yourself grace and love on your babies because although imperfect, you are the perfect mama for the babies God has given you!


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Spartanburg Children’s Photographer | Fall Favorites Friday #2 | Leaf Rubbings

Spartanburg Family PhotographerToday’s Fall Favorites Friday Post is quick and easy, but your kiddos will love it!

As many of you know, we homeschool.  Since my kiddos are only 3, 5 and 7, I prefer hands-on science and social studies activities rather than using a textbook for now, so I’m always brainstorming fun ideas that we can do.

Every year as part of our science lessons, my kiddos look forward to going on a “leaf walk” and picking up as many different kinds of leaves as we can find.  Then we come back home and they each get to pick their favorite leaves and colors and make rubbings of the leaves.  This allows us to see the differences in the shapes and also identify the “veins” in each leaf.

To do this activity you will need:

* 2 sheets of white paper

* “Fall” colored crayons

* Tape

* Variety of leaves


  1. Collect as many different kinds of leaves as you can. Greener leaves are actually easier to use than dry leaves because the dry ones tend to crumble.
  2. Select several “Fall colored” crayons and tear the paper off so the whole crayon is exposed.
  3. Place a piece of paper on a table top and let your child lay the leaves down in whatever pattern he or she likes.  How to do Leaf Rubbings
  4. Tape the leaves to the bottom sheet of paper and carefully place a second piece of paper over the first and tape the edges down to the table.Fun Fall Activities with kids
  5. Using the side of the crayons, help your child to rub them over each leaf.
  6. Don’t forget to snap some cute photos of your babies creating their masterpieces.  (For a sweet FREEBIE with tips on capturing better photos of your kids, click HERE!)
  7. Carefully un-tape the paper and allow your child to make observations about the rubbings.  See if they/you can identify the types of leaves.
  8. Hang your child’s beautiful artwork up somewhere to make your home feel more festive!

Hope you enjoy doing this fun fall favorite with your kids!

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If you are looking for a Spartanburg Children’s Photographer for a fun in-home family session, click HERE to learn more about the TJBA experience!

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Cream Cheese Filled Pumpkin Muffins | Fall Favorites Friday #1 | Greenville SC Family Photographer

One of my all time favorite activities to document as a Greenville SC Family Photographer is kitchen time! From baking cookies and making pancakes to decorating pizzas and everything in between, I love photographing families doing their thing together in the kitchen.  What is it about food that encourages us to open up and be ourselves unlike anything else?!

Today, I’m kicking off a new blog series called “Fall Favorites Friday“.  Every Friday from now until Thanksgiving, I’ll be sharing a new recipe or kid-friendly fall activity with you that is Garrison Family approved!  I’m excited to start today with our absolute favorite fall treat… Cream Cheese Filled Pumpkin Muffins.

Ideas for Fall Family Photography Sessions GreenvilleOh my goodness!  I cannot express adequately in writing just how amazing these muffins are!  My family begs for these ALL YEAR long!  The recipe makes a LOT of muffins (I think we get about 26-28 with our pans), but they usually only last us two meals.  Did I mention how much we LOVE them?

It does take a little more prep than basic muffins, but it is so worth the effort!  After you mix up the muffin batter and spoon it into the pans, you gently pipe in the cream cheese filling. Then pop those babies in the oven and Voilá! You’ve got amazing… warm… cream-cheese-filled, pumpkin goodness!

(I may or may not be drooling on my keyboard as I type this post. Yes, they are that good.)

I originally found these muffins on Gallamore West!  The only changes we make is to substitute our fresh ground Prairie Gold Wheat for the all-purpose flour, and we leave out the cloves because of a sensitivity in one of our kiddos (but they are still amazing!).

Click HERE to access her recipe.

If you try none of my other recipe suggestions this fall, you’ve just got to try these!  So go grab you a pumpkin, some spices, and a block of cream cheese and get baking!

To see other posts in the Fall Favorites Friday Series click HERE.

If you are looking for a Greenville SC Family Photographer so you can plan your own “kitchen-time session” click HERE to learn more about what a TJBA Family session looks like!


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Learn to Take Better Photos of Your Kids | In Home Family Photography

how to capture candid moments with your kidsWith three kiddos ages 3-7 in our house, every time I turn around there’s something sweet, silly or just plain crazy going on that’s begging me to capture it!  If you have kids, I’ll bet the same is true at your house!  This abundance of crazy, authentic moments and expressions is part of what makes In-home Family Photography Sessions so much fun for me!

When you walk up on those sweet moments, have you ever wished you knew just a little more about how to take great photos so you could beautifully capture all the sweet little moments of daily life when a professional photographer isn’t around?  Well, today on the blog I’m giving you three tips to help you do just that! And if you hang around until the end of the post, I’m also offering all of my readers the chance to grab a FREE guide I just created with 5 more tips for how you can more beautifully document your children’s childhood!  Hope you’ll check it out!

Without Further ado, let’s get started with my first tip!

#1 Put that iPhone down!

I am as guilty as anyone about falling back on the convenience of having a nice camera phone instead of taking a little extra effort to go grab my “real” camera.  I’m not saying you shouldn’t ever use your smartphone as your camera.  There are definitely times when a lighter camera (such as a smart phone) is way more convenient and practical- like when you’re hiking and don’t want to carry a heavy camera in addition to the toddler and hiking backpack that you are already lugging 2 miles up to the waterfall and 2 miles back. Thank you, Lord, for smartphones!!  Can I get an AMEN?!  BUT there is something special about having a real, stand-alone camera in your hands as you document your babies’ childhood.

Of course you would expect a “real” camera to deliver better quality images simply because taking photographs is the sole purpose behind its design and creation.  But I also think that having a real camera in our hands makes us more intentional with how we approach a moment as we document it.  We are more conscious of the way we frame our photos and we take more time to consider what angle would be best.

So by all means, continue to snap away with your smart phone, but I encourage you to consciously set it down at least a couple of times a week and grab your real camera (even a point-and-shoot can be a good place to start) and see what a difference it makes in the photos you are able to capture!  This brings me to my next tip…

#2 Invest in a DSLR!Best starter DSLR cameras

Having a DSLR is certainly not a necessity when it comes to taking good photos.  In fact, I am constantly blown away by the amazing photos that some people are able to take with just a smartphone!  However, having a DSLR will go a long way towards giving you the flexibility to really stretch your creative wings as you learn more about the art of photography.

If you do not already have a DSLR, I highly recommend that you start saving for one.  Entry level models are fairly inexpensive, and there are numerous options available to consumers.  I recommend choosing from one of the top two name brands Nikon or Canon because as you grow and potentially add lenses and other gear, these brands will offer you lots of high quality options.  I am a Nikon girl myself, but I have lots of friends who are loyal Canon users too.  So I don’t think you can make a bad choice between these two big names, but that’s not to say that you will go wrong with a “smaller guy” like Sony or Pentax.  Just be sure you do your research before you buy.

As a starting point, I would suggest either the Nikon d5600 (if you can swing it) or the Nikon d3400 (or even a used older model 3300).  I have also read great things about the Canon EOS Rebel T6Disclaimer: I have never personally used any of the entry level cameras that I am suggesting today as I started on much older model Nikons that have since been replaced by higher functioning entry level cameras.  Again, I highly suggest that before you buy, you do your research!  Look for reviews on all of the cameras that you are considering. Then taking those into consideration along with price, make your decision!  Two great places to start your research are here and here.

When you are ready to buy your DSLR (Eeeek!!!), I recommend ordering from B&H Photo and Video.  I have used them exclusively for all of my equipment in the last 3-4 years, and I have NEVER had an issue with anything I have purchased from them including 2 camera bodies, 3 new lenses, 1 used lens, two flashes, TONS of memory cards, and more.  Their selection is great and their delivery is fast!

After you have had your DSLR for a little while you will be ready for my next tip.

#3 Save for a prime lens (or two… or three!)best lenses for in-home family photography

All consumer level DSLR cameras have the option to purchase them with a “kit lens”.  You must attach a lens to a DSLR in order to use it, so do not order “body only” unless you already own lenses that can be used with the body you are purchasing.  While a kit lens is a good place to start, it is very limited in its aperture range.  If you are consistently practicing and actively seeking opportunities to learn more about your camera, you will probably quickly outgrow the kit lens and  find yourself getting frustrated at your inability to produce what you want because of your equipment (or lack thereof).  Enter prime lenses.

These babies are my bread and butter.  I could not do what I do without my prime lenses.  In fact, they are all that I have in my camera bag these days! So what are prime lenses you say?  Well, I’m glad you asked!  There are two classifications of lenses in the photography world- zoom lenses and prime (or fixed focal length) lenses.  There are advantages and disadvantages to both types of lenses.  Zoom lenses (which allow you to “zoom in” on your subject) are great when you need the ability to change focal length quickly or don’t want to carry more than one or two lenses with you.  However, zoom lenses are created to produce good photos at as many different focal lengths as possible (i.e. close up and far way).

Prime lenses on the other hand are created to be amazing at one particular focal length (i.e. 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, etc.).  If you want to “zoom in” using a prime lens, you will need to use your feet (i.e. walk closer to your subject).  Prime lenses are also great because they allow you to use more of the available light in a situation without needing flash, which comes in handy when shooting in-home family  photography, like say snapping sweet photos of your girls playing dolls together. 😉

If you are considering prime lenses for taking photos of your babies, I suggest starting with a 50mm 1.8.  Then if you are ready to invest in a few more lenses, you might want to grab a 35mm 1.8 and/or a 24mm 1.8 (especially for tight spaces indoors) or an 85 mm 1.8 (especially for pretty “portrait” shots with nice blur behind your subject).  The lenses I have linked to are the Nikon versions, but you will want to find the versions that will correspond to your camera’s brand.

Of course, as with anything having the right equipment is only half of the battle.  A high-quality camera does not an expert photographer make.  In other words, don’t expect that once you upgrade to a nicer camera you will instantly be able to take professional quality pictures.  Learning the art of photography requires knowing the technical basics and then LOTS and LOTS of practice!

If you are ready to learn the basics, read my next tip!

#4 Grab your FREE Guide!

Learn how to get better images of your kids

As you start on your photography journey, I would love to share a FREE guide with you with some technical and practical tips that will help you capture better images of your babies.  I’m sure that you are excited to start your journey in to the world of DSLR photography!  BUT even if you are not ready to invest in a camera at this time, most of the tips I share in this guide will still be useful to you as you practice with your smartphone or point-and-shoot camera.  No matter what camera you use, I encourage you to go forth and capture life as it unfolds!  Don’t forget to GRAB YOUR FREE GUIDE by clicking above!

Then click HERE to check out posts of my In-home Family Photography Sessions for inspiration!


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Welcome to the World Sweet Avery! | Spartanburg SC Newborn Photographer | In-Home Newborn Session

Every story that I get to capture as a Spartanburg SC Newborn Photographer is special, but some stories tug at my heartstrings more than others.  Avery’s is one of those.  Eden is a sweet friend and fellow photographer that I met through mutual friends a couple of years ago.  She and Andy have been dreaming of starting a family for years and praying that the Lord would give them a baby.  As they watched countless friends start their families, they wondered if their turn would ever come.

Having miscarried our first baby, I know first hand the pain of longing for children but remaining childless.  Last fall God gave me the sweet opportunity to pray with Eden about her struggle to conceive, and I was beyond excited when Eden texted me a couple of months later and told me that He had answered!  YAY GOD!!

It may have been a long wait for Andy and Eden, but I know they both would say that little Avery was worth every prayer and every tear.

Close up photo of mama with newborn babyWhen Eden asked me to photograph a mini in-home newborn session, I was giddy!  I couldn’t wait to meet the little man that everyone had dreamed of!

natural photos of new baby at homein home newborn baby photos

Sweet Avery is absolutely precious!  Seriously he may be the cutest baby boy I have ever photographed (besides my own sweet man of course ;)!

newborn baby photos on chair in my home Greenville South CarolinaNewborn baby photographers in Spartanburg South Carolina

I love photographing babies when they are at least a few weeks old because it’s easier to capture connection (both with the camera and with mommy and daddy) than when they are super newbies.
Greenville Newborn photographerSpartanburg Newborn PhotographerNewborn photographers in greer south carolina

Of course, you know I didn’t miss the chance to photograph his precious hands… pure sweetness.in home newborn photography session

Thank you, Eden and Andy, for trusting me to document your growing family.  Thank you, Lord, for being a God who answers prayers and for taking the love of two and making them three!

To see more of my in-home newborn sessions, click here!

If you are looking for a Spartanburg SC Newborn Photographer, click here for more information!


Click below to see sweet Avery’s slideshow!

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Jordan and Rebekah are married!!  | Greenville Newborn and Family Photographer

Back in early 2017, I made the difficult yet exciting decision to move from being an everything photographer to specializing as a Greenville newborn and family photographer, which meant I would no longer be accepting weddings.  Shortly afterwards, Rebekah contacted me about the possibility of photographing their July wedding.  When close friends invite you to be part of their big day in such a special way, it’s really hard to say no!

So on July 8, I packed up my gear and headed to Kannapolis, NC to shoot my last wedding ever (or at least the last one until another close friend that I can’t refuse asks… haha!).  I can’t think of a better way to wrap up my wedding photography journey than this sweet celebration with close family friends!

The weather was all over the place on wedding day as it has been most of the summer here in the Carolinas.  It started out bright, sunny, super-hot and humid. Then, about mid-afternoon clouds slowly moved in, and by the time we entered the reception, it was pouring so hard that you couldn’t see a few feet in front of you.  Seriously crazy!

Jordan and Rebekah’s day started at First Wesleyan Church where they prepared and dressed for the day. I loved that Jordan and Rebekah both brought their promise rings on wedding day!  It is truly rare to find a couple that have saved themselves body and soul for their mate, and this sweet couple’s commitment to each other (even before they knew each other) made being a part of their day even more special!

Then we ran over to the Club at Irish Creek to quickly to snag some beautiful shots of Rebekah and her girls, Jordan with his guys and some family shots before heading back to First Wesleyan for the ceremony.

Rebekah’s girls had to quickly shield her from view when Jordan and his groomsmen drove up unexpectedly!
Sibling fun!Mama love!

Since Jordan really didn’t want to see Rebekah before the ceremony, we did a sweet “first look” alternative before heading back to the church.

The ceremony was such a sweet celebration of God’s design for marriage and the union of a very special couple, and I think my favorite part hands down was when they washed each other’s feet.Jordan’s dad passed away almost exactly a month before the wedding, but he was certainly not forgotten on the big day.This seriously may be my favorite image from their wedding day.  I just love the sweet symbolism of this growing tradition.

After the ceremony, we worked our way through a long list of family shots (thank you everyone for being so patient with us!), and then raced to the country club again to hopefully beat the rain.  We snagged a few quick bridal party shots, and then had about 8-10 minutes to shoot bride and groom photos as the rain was starting to fall.  Jordan and Rebekah were such troupers though, and I think we were all grateful for the posing practice their engagement session afforded us because it helped us to make the most of our time on wedding day!

After narrowly escaping the downpour, we joined their guests for a delicious barbeque dinner, dancing and all the traditional reception festivities.
Rebekah and her Uncle share a sweet bond…Jordan and his mom are both so much fun!
Rebekah’s Grandparent’s learned the Macarena!When your groom can do the worm!

We ended the night with Jordan and Rebekah running into their car under the brightest rainbow I have ever seen!   Technically speaking this photo is not the greatest, but I just had to share it anyway because the rainbow was such a beautiful sign of God’s blessing on a very special couple.

Jordan and Rebekah, thank you for trusting me with your special day.  It was and honor and a joy to document your love!

Click to see Jordan and Rebekah’s engagement post!

Unfortunately, as you know I’m not accepting any more weddings at this time, but if you are looking for a Greenville Newborn and Family Photographer, I’d love to chat! Click here for more information about what to expect from the TJBA Experience!

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  • Phyllis Kalifeh - Just beautiful — you did a fabulous job.  So happy for Jordan and Rebekah.  ReplyCancel

Ethan Turns One! | Greenville South Carolina Family Photographer | Glendale Shoals Family Session

family photo locations in spartanburg south carolinaAs a Greenville South Carolina Family photographer, it is my special privilege to work with many upstate families each year capturing precious moments in time that will be remembered and enjoyed for years to come.  While I am grateful for every client that the Lord brings into my life, there are some clients who have an extra special place in my heart.  The Erbs are some of those.

A fellow Greenville newborn photographer and close friend of mine Melissa Aldrich of Quiet Graces Photography initially referred Sara to me when she was looking for a natural light photographer for maternity portraits. I’m so grateful that Melissa connected me with Sara!  Her maternity session was so much fun, and about a month later, Sara contacted me about shooting Ethan’s newborn session, which is still one of my favorite newborn sessions to date.   In December we met up again for a six-month session in downtown Greenville, and we had a blast just hanging out at Methodical coffee afterwards.  Seriously, I love these folks!

Well, time just flies, and before I knew it, we were booking Ethan’s 1 year session.  For this session, Sara wanted to go back to Glendale Shoals Preserve where we shot her maternity session.  When we had to reschedule our first date due to nasty weather, Sara and I were both bummed, but after going through the shots we captured at our second session date, I’m sooooo glad we waited!family photographers greenville south carolinafirst birthday session ideas greenville south carolina

Precious Ethan is ALL BOY!  I think he tolerated being held for approximately 2.57 seconds, and then he wanted to be set free to run and explore.

vineyard family photo session greenville south carolinafamily photos in a vineyard spartanburg south carolina

And explore he did…first birthday photos in a field greenville south carolinanatural family photos greenville south carolinaunposed family photos greenville south carolinaI love, love, love photographing small children because it is so easy to capture REAL moments and emotions with them.

cute photos of my baby in a field greenville south carolina

Loved finishing up down by the River! Family session at Glendale Shoals Spartanburg South CarolinaFamily photographers spartanburg south carolinaFamily Photos Glendale Shoals PreserveEric, Sara and sweet Ethan, I love you guys!  Thank you for allowing me to be YOUR family photographer!Family photos by a river Spartanburg south carolina

To see more family sessions click here!

If you are looking for a Greenville South Carolina Family Photographer, click here to learn more about the TJBA photography experience!


To see Ethan’s Full 1 year session slideshow click below.

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Welcome Joie Evelyn Ma! | Greer SC Newborn Photographer | In home newborn session

Natural newborn baby photos in my home

I had been hoping to photograph Mallori and Kevin’s newborn session since I first found out they were expecting. I am so blessed to have these sweet friends in my life!

I met Mallori and Kevin through the Rising Tide Society at our local Tuesdays Together Meeting, and after just the second meeting Mallori and a few other lady togs and I decided to start meeting for coffee dates to encourage and learn from one another. Those sweet times of fellowship with other local photographers who “get it” were priceless for me in the first few months of my relaunch last year. Owning your own business is HARD, especially when YOU ARE the business. As a Greer SC Newborn Photographer working as a sole-proprietor, I feel pretty lonely and overwhelmed sometimes when there’s no one to brainstorm with or run ideas by.  That’s where community over competition comes in for the win!  Mallori and the other sweet Greenville Photographers have meant so much to me not just in my business life but personally as well.

Mallori’s pregnancy and delivery were difficult and not at all what she had planned or hoped for. She suffered with morning sicknesss most days for NINE MONTHS. Then after laboring naturally and pushing for nearly 2 hours, she ended up delivering sweet Joie by C-Section. But while Joie may have made her debut in a completely unexpected way, from the moment she arrived, Mallori and Kevin were smitten with her.  Suddenly, all the sickness, pain and disappointment were totally worth it!simple natural newborn baby photos greenville south carolina

Seeing close friends become parents for the first time, never gets old.photos of mom and newborn baby on bed greenville south carolinagrphotos of newborn baby with mama and daddy on bed greer scnewborn photos on my bed greenville scphotos of newborn baby with mama and daddy on bed greer sc

I love the white lace maternity dress that Mallori wore for most of our session, but it’s her natural beauty that really makes these photos shine.in home newborn baby photos greer sc

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Kevin is obviously in love with his sweet Joie! photos of newborn baby with daddy greenville scin home newborn photographers greer scgreer south carolina newborn photographergreenville south carolina newborn photography

Kevin and Mallori’s fur baby, Eskimo, wasn’t going to be left out!

I have been DYING to photograph this sweet nursery since Mallori first started posting photos of it on Instagram! I had only seen bits and pieces of it, but when I walked in, I was in heaven! The light was amazing, and Mallori had carefully crafted each precious little detail- from the vase of flowers on the changing table to the little wooden camera on Joie’s bookshelf and everything in between.simple newborn photography greenville sc

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She’s fearfully and wonderfully made…

photos of mama and newborn baby in nursery greer scphotos of mama and newborn baby in nursery greenville south caroilnaphotos of my baby on my bed greenville scAnd my obsession with newborn hands continues…
close up photos of my baby in my home greer sc

Kevin’s parents and his sister were visiting from New York just in time for our session so of course we had to snap a few photos with Grandma and Grandpa and Aunt Karlene!photos of grandparents with newborn baby greenvile scphotos of newborn baby with grandparents greer scnewborn photo session in my home greenville south carolinacreative newborn photos in my home greenville sc

A newborn session is hard work for everyone…

photos of daddy with newborn baby greenville south carolina

Thank you, Mallori and Kevin for trusting me with your memories!  It was such a joy and honor to document your sweet Joie’s first weeks home!

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