Day-in-the-life sessions are the heartbeat of The Journey by Ally photography.  They generally take place in your home or a location that holds special meaning for your family, and the focus of these sessions is to capture real-life moments between you and your children and/or spouse.  The beauty of having so much more time during a session is that it allows me to tell a more well-rounded story.  Whether your family loves picnics, hikes, bubble baths, finger painting or lazy Saturday mornings with breakfast in bed, I work with you beforehand to brainstorm activities that you and your family can engage in during the session to help me more accurately represent this season in your lives. 

My goal with day-in-the-life sessions is that in 20-30 years when your babies are grown and gone and you sit down with your session album or memory box you can almost feel their soft skin on yours, hear their laughter or smell the cookies baking in the oven.  These simple in-between, real-life moments are the real memory makers.  Let’s make some memories!  

**Theses sessions are great for maternity sessions as well!!**