The Experience: Welcome Home Baby

You nurtured him inside of you for 9 months... you carried her in your heart and in your dreams for 6 years. And now… FINALLY… for the first time, you lock eyes with your new little love… God’s precious child given to you to love, care for and guide through childhood’s wild journey.  You never imagined that your heart could hold this much love without bursting. 

Once you get home with your sweet baby and the realities of life with a newborn begin to descend upon you, you begin to feel as if you are living in a fog.  Your world revolves around meeting the needs of the newest, tiniest member of your family.  You marvel that someone so small could be so hungry and wonder if you will ever sleep again.  But in between the chaos of 2 AM feedings, colicky screaming fits, and non-stop blowout diapers, there are those quiet moments when you sit contentedly with this little miracle settled in your arms, and as you look down at him or her the love that you felt at first glance returns anew with a power stronger than ever before.  You marvel that this little creation is yours, and in that moment, all the chaos of the previous hours and the hours to come is suddenly worth it.  This child… YOUR child is worth your sacrifice.

 But these sweet moments are sparse amid the ever-present and demanding needs of a new baby.  After months of sleep-deprivation, the memory of those first few weeks easily becomes cloudy, especially for mama.  This is why an in-home newborn session is such a beautiful thing. 

I want to capture the very essence of those first sweet, crazy weeks so that when you look back at your album or walk past the artwork on your walls, your memories become a little clearer, and you can almost feel his soft skin against yours and smell her sweet new baby scent.  

Newborn sessions are 2-3 hours long, during which I will capture a myriad of different shots that can include but are not limited to:

·         Baby’s nursery details

·         Baby naturally places in his/her crib or on a bed, chair or sofa in your home (depends on how cooperative baby wants to be)

·         Sweet moments between baby and Mommy, Daddy, siblings and (if desired) grandparents and/or pets.

·         Wide shots of baby with the whole family in various locations in your home

·         Mommy nursing baby OR either parent/sibling bottle feeding baby

·         Outside shots (if weather permits)

·         Lots of little in between moments- Mommy comforting crying baby, big brother turning up his nose at a stinky diaper or big sister coloring a picture for new baby and more!

My goal with a newborn session is always for mommy to relax and just enjoy her new baby for a few hours.  I intentionally set aside a large chunk of time for these sessions because there is no particular agenda.  If baby needs to nurse, I want you to feel free to nurse her.  If he needs a diaper change, please change him.  If mommy is stressed, baby will likely sense it and become unsettled.  So just relax and enjoy!  My goal when I leave your home is to have some beautiful shots that genuinely tell your story and for you to feel a little more like you can do this mommy thing (because YOU CAN!)